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Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Meat for Chefs in Toronto, Ontario

At Thunder Ridge Bison Co. we believe in raising our Bison naturally and distributing to Chefs and restaurants locally for a true Ontario Farm-to-Table experience.

Healthy Choice Bison, Thunder Ridge Bison, Uxbridge

A Healthier Choice

Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about food safety issues and demand a safe, healthy, natural source of food.

Our Ontario-raised Bison are fed pasture grasses and are raised naturally without the use of growth hormones, stimulants, antibiotics or animal by-products. 


From Farm-to-Table

Know where your meat is coming from. With more people being keen on natural sources of food, having a direct link with the producer in a farm-to-table relationship is important.

Not only would you be sourcing your meat directly from us on the ranch, but you can even book an appointment to visit our farm.


From Farm to Table Bison, Urban Pantry Restaurant, Thunder Ridge Bison, Uxbridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Breeding in Uxbridge, Ontario

We Have a Passion for Bison

  • "There is something spectacular about being able to spend time with these amazing animals that have been unchanged for thousands of years. and to think of what the world would have been like when the landscape was covered with millions of bison."
    - Brian Arnold