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Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Consumer Bison Meat in Ontario

From Gluten-free Meat Pies to Steak to Bones for Soup, Thunder Ridge Bison Co. provides the Uxbridge, Ontario community with fresh, farm-to-table Bison meat.

The Cuts of Meat In A Bison, Thunder Ridge Bison Co. Uxbridge, Ontaro

The Cuts of Bison

Our Bison is available in most well known red meat cuts. Bison is an excellent source of iron, zinc, selenium and protein. Being almost a quarter of the fat of most cuts of beef, lower in cholesterol and calories and higher in iron and protein, Bison is a perfect addition to the health conscious consumers.

Our meat sales are by appointment only. Please contact us for availability. Wholesale pricing does not include Kill, Cut and Wrap Charges.

The Bison Cuts We Offer

Bison Steak | Thunder Ridge Bison


  • Striploin
  • Tenderloin
  • Ribeye

Bison Roast | Thunder Ridge Bison


  • Striploin
  • Hip

Bison Prepared Meat | Thunder Ridge Bison


  • Ground
  • Sausage
  • Pepperettes

Bison Soup | Thunder Ridge Bison


  • Bones
  • Organ Meat

Bison Stew | Thunder Ridge Bison


  • Stewing Meat

Bison Baked Pie | Thunder Ridge Bison


  • Meat Pies
    (also available Gluten-Free)
Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Breeding in Uxbridge, Ontario

We Have a Passion for Bison

  • "There is something spectacular about being able to spend time with these amazing animals that have been unchanged for thousands of years. and to think of what the world would have been like when the landscape was covered with millions of bison."
    - Brian Arnold