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Our Bison Herd is Free To Roam

Our farm has established itself with natural feeding and breeding practices that are perfect for that habits of the Plains Bison.  Learn More »

Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Recipes, Ontario

Cook With Bison

Bison meat is a nutrient dense food that Thunder Ridge Bison Co. in Uxbridge, Ontario provides farm-to-table.


Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Sustainable Bison Breeding in Uxbridge, Ontario

Watch The Bison Roam

Watch some videos of the Thunder Ridge Bison Co. herd in their natural Ontario habitat, doing what they do best: Being awesome, and being Bison.


Thunder Ridge Bison Co., A Bison Farm in Uxbridge, Ontario

Find Our Farm

Get in touch with us, schedule a visit and come see the farm, and our Bison, for yourself! 

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Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Farming in Uxbridge, Ontario

We Built Our Farm


Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Breeding in Uxbridge, Ontario

With A Passion For Bison


Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Sustainable Farming in Uxbridge, Ontario

From Farm To Table


Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Farming in Uxbridge, Ontario

Naturally & Sustainably


Thunder Ridge Bison Co. - Breeding Bison sustainably in Ontario.

We aim to provide quality natural Bison meat products using sustainable breeding methods that encourage the growth of a once decimated Bison population.

Thunder Ridge Bison is committed to a healthy natural approach to providing quality Bison products to a select number of consumers. Our Bison are pasture-fed native grasses along with a healthy supply of our own apples.

The Thunder Ridge Way

Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Bison Breeding in Uxbridge, Ontario

We Have a Passion for Bison

  • "On a spring day it is amazing to see the young bison frolicking around the pasture. Despite their big size, they prance around like bunnies and tussle with each other. It makes me laugh to see them having so much fun in the pasture."
    - Michelle Arnold

And We're Full of Stories.

Every day there's a great story to tell. Browse our blog to hear the latest.

Thunder Ridge Bison Co, All Natural Bison Farming in Ontario
Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Sustainable Agriculture in Uxbridge, Ontario
Thunder Ridge Bison Co., Natural Bison Breeding in Ontario

Becoming a Farmer

The move to being a farmer has been so rewarding for my soul.  I love being outside.  I love feeding my animals and collecting fresh eggs. I love going out to the bison pasture and trying to guess which ones might have a calf this season.  I love ordering my seeds and dreaming of what is going to grow in my garden this year.  There is so much peace in doing these “chores.” I love being a farmer!

Bison Farming in the Oak Ridges Moraine of Ontario

The Oak Ridges Moraine is the perfect and natural habitat for the Plains Bison, and other at-risk species of plant and animal. 

New Handling Practices for the Safety and Care of Bison

The Canadian Bison Association and the National Farm Animal Care Council announced the release of the revised Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Bison.

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