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High Performance Athletes Work Out at the Farm

High Performance Athletes Work Out at the Farm

Do you know where your food comes from?  Do you understand what it takes to get the food from the farm to the table?? These are some of the questions put to a group of NHL and professional hockey players from Gary Roberts High Performance Training who were visiting us at Thunder Ridge Bison Company.



Gary Roberts had an exceptional professional hockey career in the NHL with unbelievable comeback after several life changing injuries. Modifying his diet and his training regime allowed him to play for another 12 years after many players would have quit. Gary has taken his own personal achievements and knowledge and turned it into a training powerhouse.  Some of the best hockey players in the world now come to Gary Roberts High Performance Training to elevate and optimize their own skills and abilities. Gary’s approach to training provides the complete package to optimize results including complete nutritional guidance. This holistic approach and the results that come from it are the reason why a whole host of professional hockey players come to this training guru, including players like Steve Stamkos and Connor McDavid. If you want to be the best, you need to train with the best and follow the best programing possible.


When Thunder Ridge Bison was approached about having a “farm training” day to help these pros with expanding their strength training program and to help educate them about the importance of optimizing their training with proper nutrition, we jumped at the idea.  Not really knowing what we were getting into and what the day would entail we threw all caution to the wind and moved forward. We had the opportunity to first go to their training facility and serve bison burgers for lunch.  Then we were extremely excited to host thirty high performance athletes from Gary Roberts High Performance Training Program on site to get “farm strong.” Roberts’ incredibly talented staff designed a farm workout that included caber toss, hay bale rolling, tractor tire flipping, and square bale carrying.  The work out began with a light run around the farm and ended with a jump in the pond.  Before lunch the bison got the opportunity to meet these NHL players and hopefuls.  The boys were impressed to see the magnificent beasts out in the pasture.  Once back at the century old bank barn, a delicious lunch was served, prepared by Chef Muto from Umanii and Chef Corey Duncan from Urban Pantry.  Lunch consisted of salads made with local Uxbridge ingredients, corn from a local farm and of course, a delicious bison tenderloin.  Roberts training program stresses the importance of high quality healthy food and Chef Andrew believes that locally sourced, fresh foods are essential for a healthy diet. Bison meat is the perfect protein to complement fresh vegetables.    The inclusion of bison into their diet provides the nutritious protein needed to refuel the athletes’ bodies after a tough work out, practice, or game. 



The day was a wonderful success.  The athletes had a tough workout and a delicious and nutritious meal featuring our bison. 

Enjoy a glimpse of this fun day by clicking on the link.

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